YouTube in The US Senate Crosshairs Over “Fraudulent Content”

A US Senator is telegraphing the mood by the Federal government to target social media for regulation, and they plan on using fear of “fraudulent content” as ther tactic of choice to drum up support from the American people to beg for a shorter leash and empower the Feds to control their social media.

Senator warns about propaganda on YouTube

It’s YouTube’s turn in the glare of the spotlight on the prevalence of misinformation online, with the Google-owned video service being blamed for spreading propaganda.

“I’ve been increasingly concerned that the recommendation engine algorithms behind platforms like YouTube are, at best, intrinsically flawed in optimizing for outrageous, salacious and often fraudulent content,” Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, told the Guardian. “At worst, they can be highly susceptible to gaming and manipulation by bad actors, including foreign intelligence entities.”

Warner’s warning comes after that news organization’s recent report that showed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was also affected by YouTube videos that spread damaging information, on top of the previously revealed misinformation spread on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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