YouTube’s AI is Keeping You Up Late At Night

If you find yourself up late at night, lying in bed, hugging your smartphone with your eyes as you go from one suggested YouTube video to another, you might want to “thank” artificial intelligence for selecting the right next suggested video to keep you from going to bed.  Thanks YouTube AI!  Or not, I guess……

YouTube’s AI is the puppet master over most of what you watch

YouTube’s artificial intelligence is getting better at dragging you down a video rabbit hole.

For more than 70 percent of the time you spend watching on Google’s massive video site, you’re lured in by one of the service’s AI-driven recommendations, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan said Wednesday, speaking at a panel discussion at CES.

And if you’re watching on mobile, the average watching session lasts more than 60 minutes, he added, “because of what our recommendations engines are putting in front of you,” he said.



“We focused a lot in last several years on machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn what our users like and make,” Mohan said. “Our job is to give the a steady stream, almost a synthetic or personalized channel,” Mohan said.

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