Chinese Fishing Boats Fired On by Argentinian Coast Guard

Things got a little testy off the coast of Argentina when Chinese ships allegedly entered Argentinian waters to attempt to do some fishing.  The Argentinians opened fire on the boats, not to hit them, but to alter their navigation, in an attempt to detain them.
From NewsWeek

Argentina Aims Machine Gun and Cannon Fire at ‘Illegal’ Chinese Fishing Boat in Eight-Hour Chase

The Argentine coast guard repeatedly opened fire against a Chinese boat caught illegally fishing within Argentina’s exclusive economic zone last week.

The coast guard said the boat Jing Yuan 626 was caught sailing within Argentina’s exclusive economic zone along with four other vessels, all bearing Chinese flags, according to a statement published Friday. The authorities said the four vessels attempted to ram into the coast guard’s boat and carried out maneuvers, putting the Argentine crew at risk.

The coast guard nonetheless persisted in their attempt to capture the fishing vessel. Authorities say they fired intimidatory shots but, as the Chinese boat refused to take heed of the warnings, they then resorted to “[carrying] out machine-gun and cannon fire” aimed at disrupting the vessel’s navigability without posing a threat to its crew’s lives.

….The fishing vessel’s pursuit lasted almost eight hours in adverse weather conditions before Argentina’s ministry of foreign affairs and worship ordered the coast guard to end the chase.

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