World NewsTicker – Apri 20th, 2018

Hot Spot Watch
US to Turkey: You can buy Russian air defenses, but they really suck
Now Iraq Has Started Bombing Syria Too (Updated)
Turkey becoming a disease-prone desert: Istanbul Technical University professor
Macron Carries Torch for Europe to White House
Top Russian, NATO Generals Discuss Syria, Europe In Baku
France Had Some Issues Firing Ze Missiles During The Syria Strikes
Australia’s top bank says it charged dead clients for advice
South Africa accuses Australia of tarnishing tourism and their country
Regions of Interest Watch
South China Sea: China issues ‘robust’ challenges to Australian warships
China’s Successful Coercion of Vietnam in the South China Sea Deserves US Attention
Turkey names new border crossing to Afrin ‘Kumlu’
War Watch
Russia says US visa delays could halt direct flights
US awards $1 billion contract for hypersonic missile as it falls behind Russia and China in new arms race
China is boosting its undersea-warfare capabilities — and stealing US technology to do so, a US admiral says
Russia Must Stop Restricting Freedom Of Expression, US Urges
China is holding up a $44 billion US tech deal
Israel Fears If Russia Gives Assad S-300 Missile Systems, It May Reignite Syria Tinderbox
Five civilians killed as Saudi warplanes bombard Yemen’s Hudaydah
Russia joins European Union, India and China in bid to win compensation over US metals tariffs
China and the US Seek Allies to Strengthen Sides in Trade Tussle
US admiral warns against sanctioning India over Russia defence purchase
Turkey again extends state of emergency
America’s Fling With the Kurds Could Cause Turkey and NATO to Split
An Emerging Russia-Turkey-Iran Alliance Could Reshape the Middle East
China-Japan Reset Continues With High-Level Economic Talks
Turkey’s snap elections cannot be fair, says Turkish-German Left Party MP
A rare military crisis is brewing between Greece and Turkey as the NATO allies inch towards war
World Gov Watch
Macron, Merkel to press Trump on trade, Iran deal
IMF Lagarde: She’s a bit disappointed with world trade affairs
In first, European Parliament condemns Hamas for terror, use of human shields
IMF, World Bank kick off spring meetings on dour note
IMF warning as global debt now stands at a record £115 TRILLION – posing a huge threat to financial stability
Turkish parliament strips two pro-Kurdish lawmakers of status
World Bank warns of ‘worrying’ outlook for Palestinian economy in West Bank, Gaza
Kyrgyz prime minister dismissed after losing confidence vote
Trump says he may leave meeting with Kim Jong Un
Divided UN Security Council heads to Sweden for Syria talks
Trump confirms CIA Director’s meeting with Kim Jong Un
UN team fired upon in Syria while visiting suspected chemical sites
‘Confused’ UN envoy Nikki Haley hits back at White House


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