3D Printed Bionic Hand for 1/10th The Price of Current Models

A team of Manchester University students have designed and created a 3D-Printed Bioinc hand at a fraction of the cost of what’s on the market today.  The price of this bionic hand is about $500, as compared to $5,000 for rudimentary bioinic hands, and $40,000 for bionic hands that can do what this hand can do.

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Amputees Find Cheaper Alternative in 3D-Printed Robot Hand

Students at The University of Manchester have designed and built a 3D printed, low-cost robotic prosthetic hand that could provide a much cheaper alternative for amputees.

The hand’s joints are all fully posable with each individual finger and the thumb being able to move as well as make a fist. The functionality of the hand allows its user to do simple everyday tasks such as picking up items, eating using a knife and fork, typing and clicking a mouse, or opening doors. It can even play rock-paper-scissors.

But what also makes the prototype limb standout is its cost. The students built the hand for just £307 and reckon they can make it evening cheaper. In comparison an advanced robotic prosthetic limb can start at approximately £25,000 (about $35,000), going up to £60,000 (about $85,000) if bought privately. More affordable robotic hands with just basic multi-grip functionality still start at £3,000 (about $4,300).

So impressive is the design, it won “best new development” in the Digital Innovation Challenge at the recent Industry 4.0 Summit and Factories of the Future Expo which was held at Manchester Central, in Manchester. Industry 4.0 is the term given to what some regard as the fourth industrial revolution.

The hand is the brainchild (and a final year Mechanical Engineering Master’s) of Alex Agboola-Dobson and his team — lead electrical engineer Sebastian Preston-Jensen, lead software engineer Panagiotis Papathanasiou and mechanical and software engineers Maximillian Rimmer and Shao Hian Liew…..


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