A Thousand Years Measured

Manifestations of eternal earth (a thousand years measured)

1. world as inarticulation

at the outset the close of dawn

that great feast which he had yet

to design. he had thought

following one’s own voice across the metaphorical desert, of oysters, snails, carrot cake,

roast beef, roast venison.

He calls all night to 911: “My heart is in the wrong place”

but alas his budget left him.

Facing and denying one’s own temptations.

2. world as fog

times are tricky interiority in here.

That he struggled on, trying

to keep his balance without

dropping the parcels in his good left

hand. He had chosen night, such as the waking of a man who thought that such and such other emergencies might arrive that this these works to be read aloud perhaps before but maybe after yesterday, was that dark day and now he wondered where.


world as spokes of a wheel

a wellspring of goodwill

own, his very own home. As would happen on this day

ceased altogether.

It was with much difficulty and labor spirits armed with knives who cut it out of the body, out of my body.

“How does the crow sound when the light is for my proselytizing, faded from mine eyes? There, upon the hill I faced

weather as icy and all traffic other than ambulatory had stopped”.


world as that last night on earth before the gong

natural preservation

it is not in need of blood or oxygen?

Without this time

hand, mainly preparing for a millennial celebration at his “the gates of heaven”.

Where is the sky that holds a soul as though solid ground, or where has my own heart

gone now that nerve pills calm his mind for the task?


world as seeing through mirrors

and oak and pine are as ash against this setting….

we commoners find our ready excuses

at attending mass again, a god, per se,

“Please don’t let me make an ass of myself”.

even attending festivities he was

naturally in a state which was lighting a candle for the salvation of the world, and yet time as of now is its supreme vehicle through


world as averting disasters on that last night

how day and night now closer to that apex turn

preparing the night’s festivities, a modest affair, but in every element of nature

seeing spirits guide us to what would come of all this hysteria.

Once we were alone owing to his lack of practice

in such matters as giving or dictating by the winds or by the bolts of lightning.

a thing as stopping on the move as he was…..


world as a pleasant afterglow

this is the only axis we are seeing

some spiritual king swept to his throne

by cover of brightness

see, his haste alone would have prevented

his from doing such to serve as his witnesses.

Time is out of joint with spirit lights and with only those who would believe, save Thomas, as one might expect in the morning light. You.


world as intruding life

In real time, merely the passing of the planets

himself, and one containing Songs And Hymns From The Sumerians To The Cherokee.

Having had breakfast already, he did not just then feel that need which instructs one to stop our inexorable ends across the universal diaspora. Sing to

the seconds as they come to mark the occasion sing onward as they pass and nothing has left us that wasn’t.


world as that which bled from mine own mouth

all day and night forever enhanced at the source.

This is only the beginning, how a man

was walking down the street, carrying, in his good left hand, two blue parcels, one containing Notes For The First Undoing Of The Seasons by The Self as in Decline

even as the cults of mysticism give rise in lieu of this monumental occurrence

tied as it was to such base measurements as from the birth.


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