Actual Fed Infiltrates “Anarchist” Group, and Now Will Testify Against Them

Whatever you may feel about the “protesters” turned rioters (in many instances) during the Trump Inauguration, this story serves as a cautionary tale for any active group out there that is engaged in activity which the coercive enterprise doesn’t like.
In these groups, it often happens that people get accused of being feds. More often than not, the ones accused of being feds are really not feds, they just tick people off. They’re often the divisive, contrarian members of the group that seem to stir up conflict any chance they get.  I myself have been accused of being a fed a couple of times, as have a significant proportion of friends of mine.
Accusing someone of being a fed has become one of the go-to shutdown points for people who get irate over a debate gone bad.
Unfortunately, this liberal use of the fed accusation helps ACTUAL feds fly under the radar, undetected. ACTUAL feds that are sent in to discover what your group is really doing will hardly be divisive. They will cooperate and work to get closer and closer to the inner circle (if your group has one) where your most important ‘secrets’ are held.
A case in point involves one of the groups taking part in the Inauguration protests/riots that called themselves “Anarchists.”

This “Anarchist” group was apparently infiltrated by an actual fed. That fed will now be testifying at one of the trials these “anarchists” face. The fed will be revealing the details of their black bloc tactics in an effort to show the jury that the actions taken by these “Anarchists” were intentionally destructive.


Undercover anarchist to testify in next Inauguration Day trial

When the next set of protesters goes on trial on charges of rioting on Inauguration Day 2017, prosecutors intend to call “Julie McMahon” to the stand — an alias for an undercover agent who spent two years infiltrating an anarchist extremist group.

The trial for five defendants facing felony rioting and destruction of property counts, as well as misdemeanor rioting charges, is scheduled to begin March 26 — the first trial after six protesters were acquitted in December.

Prosecutors want to allow “McMahon” to testify about the “black bloc” tactic that was used by protesters in downtown D.C. on the day President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

In its “Notice of intent to admit expert testimony,” prosecutors said “McMahon” worked undercover for two years, “infiltrating an anarchist extremist group in the New York area.”

Prosecutors will call her to the stand in D.C. Superior Court to explain “black bloc” tactics to jurors, with “participants dressing in all black clothing and concealing their faces with masks, bandanas, and other clothing.”

“This tactic makes it difficult for law enforcement to identify the individual perpetrators of violence or destruction within the larger group,” prosecutors wrote.

“Participants in the ‘black bloc’ often carry pipes, wooden sticks, spray paint, projectiles, or other weapons, and wear protective padding and helmets in anticipation of destruction, violence and/or confrontation with law enforcement.”

In addition to her undercover work in New York, prosecutors said “McMahon” also worked undercover during the G-20 in Pittsburgh in 2008, and had witnessed other “black bloc” operations in Seattle and Minneapolis, as well as during the 2000 IMF protest in D.C.

She was not involved in and did not personally witness the planning of the 2017 D.C. protests, but will testify about how the “black bloc” tactics were implemented.


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