Afrin Now Fully Surrounded, and the Water Has Been Cut Off

The tragedy of Afrin is ramping up as the TurkReich has now cut off the city from any outside ground aid.  They’ve also cut off their water supply.

Now, the siege of Afrin has begun.  Meanwhile in Europe, the EU has told the TurkReich to stop it, or else, with no specifics given regarding the ‘or else’ part.

From Al Jazeera

Water cut in Syria’s Afrin as Turkey completes encirclement

Water to Syria’s Afrin has now been cut for a week, the United Nations said on Wednesday, as Turkey’s military finished encircling the Kurdish city in preparation for a major ground assault.

Access to clean drinking water ended after Turkish troops and allied Syrian fighters seized the main dam and water plant from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia in the Kurd-dominated region in northwest Syria.

“Local workers were unable to access the dam controls to pump water. The water supply has been cut off,” the UN office for humanitarian affairs said in a statement.

Residents have relied on untreated water from boreholes and risk contracting diseases, it added.

The Syrian-Kurdish YPG said the Turkish army took control of the dam on Maydanki lake and a water pumping station last week.

“Water has been fully cut off because of the Turkish army’s control over it,” said Birusk Hasaka, the YPG spokesman in Afrin.

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