AI Lawyers are Smarter, Faster, Maybe Cheaper that Meat Puppet Versions

How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they’ve all been replaced by an AI robot.
Yes, that was my joke that I worked really hard on preparing just for this story, a story that brings me great joy for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that lawyers may soon be put out of business by fast-working, much smarter, and much less expensive AI robots.
A test done recently by LawGeex has proven that, as far as law goes, humans suck and AI rules.
As I have said before, and I want to make it clear to anyone, or any bot, that might be paying attention, I welcome my robot overlords. Go #TeamRobot.

From Mashable

Artificial intelligence can now interpret contracts faster than top human lawyers

The nation’s top lawyers recently battled artificial intelligence in a competition to interpret contracts — and they lost.

A new study, conducted by legal AI platform LawGeex in consultation with law professors from Stanford University, Duke University School of Law, and University of Southern California, pitted twenty experienced lawyers against an AI trained to evaluate legal contracts.

Competitors were given four hours to review five non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and identify 30 legal issues, including arbitration, confidentiality of relationship, and indemnification. They were scored by how accurately they identified each issue.

Unfortunately for humanity, we lost the competition — badly.

The human lawyers achieved, on average, an 85 percent accuracy rate, while the AI achieved 95 percent accuracy. The AI also completed the task in 26 seconds, while the human lawyers took 92 minutes on average. The AI also achieved 100 percent accuracy in one contract, on which the highest-scoring human lawyer scored only 97 percent. In short, the human lawyers were trounced.

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