Alabama Inmate Uses Peanut Butter to Break Out of Prison

After reading this story, you cannot help but agree with me when I say that peanut butter should be banned. Clearly it leads to prisoners breaking out of jail. It. Should. Be. Stopped.

An Alabama inmate used peanut butter to escape prison.  This fundamental threat to our very existence, not to mention the awful toll that this escape is having on global warming, should be all we need to justify banning peanut butter and turning the Middle East to glass…whoooooaaaaa.  Ok, I channelled WAAAAAAY too much of my inner Dick Cheney there.  Anyway, here’s the story of a man, his peanut butter, and a short-lived escape for him and ten of his fellow inmates.


Twelve inmates escaped from a prison in Alabama after using peanut butter to trick a guard into unlocking a door that led outside, police say.
The men fled the facility after confusing a new member of staff by smearing the peanut butter over a number on an exit door.
The inmates then used their orange prison uniforms and blankets to overcome a razor wire fence.
All 12 of the fugitives who escaped on Sunday have since been recaptured.
Eleven of the men were tracked down and returned to custody within 12 hours of the prison break, but the final escapee managed to evade authorities until Tuesday evening.
Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, 24, was the only prisoner to make it out of the county, according to the local sheriff’s Facebook page.
He was later captured by police in Tequesta, Florida


Alabama inmates escape after tricking guard with peanut butter – BBC News

Twelve inmates at an Alabama prison trick a member of staff by smearing the paste over a door number.

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