Alaska Man Cleans Up His Town, with No Government Aid or Special Permission Slip

Ryan Butcher, who happens to be a Facebook friend of this writer, Paul Gordon, was featured in the Daily Sheeple for his work in Alaska, demonstrating that you don’t need government to take care of yourself or even your community.  Ryan saw a problem in his community, graffiti, and he went out and did something about it.  Be the liberty you hope to see, even if it means ‘getting dirty.’

Last Friday evening in Palmer, Alaska, one man made a huge difference in his small town. Taking charge to clean up the city, Ryan Butcher – in the rain and donning Carhartt coveralls – cleaned graffiti off playground equipment and painted over the damage. But he wasn’t alone.

Earlier in the week, the graffiti enthusiasts decided to leave their disgusting mark in the small town of Palmer. They put their art everywhere. But it wasn’t really art. It was just sloppy, ugly graffiti. The vandals placed it on buildings, signs, storage containers, and tagged vehicles. They also let covered many surfaces in the AMooseMent playground where Ryan’s children swing and go down slides.

It all began last Monday, when Ryan Butcher just a normal nice guy, decided to take his two children to the Palmer AMooseMent playground. They arrived and were surprised to see the wooden moose had been marked and the tug boat had been tagged. Complete with crude language on all the posts, railings, fences, and slide, the “artwork” was a bit much for children. It was like the wonderful playground, built by the community, had been desecrated.  The graffiti bothered Ryan a lot.

But he decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world. Instead of demanding the government clean up the mess at the expense of himself and other Alaskan taxpayers, Butcher took the lead, and in the rain, cleaned up his town. He rallied some friends, and on the rainy and wet day of August 11, Butcher led a group of volunteers around the city to clean up the ugly mess.

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