AlphaBay Admin Commits Suicide in Jail

After shutting down AlphaBay, the dark web’s home for anonymous transactions, an Admin for Alphabay has shown up dead in a Thai prison, allegedly from suicide.

But breaking news just surfaced that can satisfy some unanswered questions raised by users of the market and those closely following the story.

New reports say AlphaBay’s disappearance was the result of law enforcement raids in three countries on July 5.

The crackdown seized equipment from alleged AlphaBay administrators in these raids, which happened in the United States, Canada and Thailand. All of this has been confirmed by a source quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

Background: AlphaBay Before the Fall

AlphaBay first launched in 2014, quickly rising the ranks of dark web popularity for its reliability and reputable standards of operation.

The site elevated to widespread use and respect after administrators of other darknet markets conducted elaborate exit scams over the last few years, getting away with stealing millions of dollars in Bitcoin from vendors.

In 2015, darknet market “Evolution” went down after administrators took $12 million worth of vendors’ Bitcoins. And in May, another popular market, “Outlaw,” saw another exit scam.

After Outlaw first went offline, administrators claimed the site had been subject to a hack. It was later revealed that they’d run off with users’ cash instead.


AlphaBay Seized By Feds, Admin Commits Suicide in Thai Jail | Dark Web News

Ever since the dark web’s most popular drugs, weapons and illegal services market mysteriously went offline just a few weeks ago, online forums and public opinion platforms have displayed ruthless speculation that is anything but passive. Online communities were, by all accounts, outraged at AlphaBa…

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