Americans Eat Crow, French Mayor Eat Rats When He Loses Bet
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Apparently, the Mayor of Mont-de-Marsan, which is located somewhere in France, specifically somewhere in the southwest region of the country, lost a bet.  This bet that he lost?   Well, it doesn’t really matter what the bet was about, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you anyway, because there’s some nice drama in that, trust me.

The cost of losing the bet, that’s what makes this a story worth telling.  It seems that if the Mayor lost this bet, he would essentially have to ‘eat a rat.’  Technically, what he ate was Coypu Stew, also known as Nutria, which is a rodent, like a rat, but it’s actually much bigger than a rat.

The Mayor made good after he lost a bet and, of course, it was YouTubed so he could relive that time he lost a bet and ate a rat. Here is the video posted on twitter:

Now, let’s talk about that bet.  The Mayor, Charles Dayot, made a bet that his beloved Paris Saint Germain team would beat the Spanish team Barcelona and continue on to reach the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.  For those non-sportsers playing along, he’s talking about European Football, which is not real football, but what Mericans call soccer.  Well, Davot got off to a great start, and he was probably pretty confident there would be no rat bits floating in his belly when his team won the first game 4-0.

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    Articile Continues:

    So, everyone who knows anything about soccer knows if you are playing a 2-game series, and, even if you lose, your chances of losing the series are pretty low, since most games end in scores like 0-0, or, when they’re super exciting, 1-0.

    The cocky French Mayor must have been, to borrow an English phrase (which I did because it would tick the french off), quite chuffed after the result of that first encounter.  But alas, the Mayor’s chuff quickly turned to horror when the Barcelona team, playing at this point for the honor of rat meat for the whole world, drubbed his beloved Paris team 6-1, winning the tie-breaker by a mere 1 goal.

    But hey, at least we found one rare creature in all of this mess, more rare than the Nutria (though they might not be rare at all), we found a politician that actually kept his promise.  Bravo, Mayor, bravo.  Have some more rat, not because you lost another rat but because you’re still, at the end of the day, a politician.

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