America’s Founding (Full Series), Featuring Sarah Burns

Taxes, protests, massacre, and revolution — this is our full America’s Founding series in one glorious video. For more US history, watch


Declaration of Independence (statement): Learn why the America’s Founders declared independence from Britain from the Founders themselves!
The American Founding in Practice (video): History professor Rob McDonald of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point gives a lecture on the conflict between the ideals of the American Revolution, such as individual liberty, and unfortunate realities of the time, such as slavery.
The king is dead, long live chaos! Why Hobbes was wrong and Burke was right. (article): In the 17th and 18th centuries many theorists attempted to undermine the belief that kings had the right to absolute power. Professor Sarah Burns explains why she believes Edmund Burke’s arguments are more compelling than Thomas Hobbes’.

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  1. The problem with the British was not that they were raising taxes, as they actually cut the tax rate, but that they started insisting on strict enforcement rather than letting smuggler's illegally bypass the mercantilist policies designed to benefit certain big businesses. Americans had a long tradition of ignoring laws they did not like.

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