Amy Winehouse’s Poop Highlights Bizarre London Museum Tour

A museum in London in being “acclaimed” for being a pretty crappy museum, like literally.  The museam is LITERALLY a piece of s#%t, well, not the whole museam, just a part of it.  The part of the museam that’s poop belongs to Amy Winehose (or at least USED To belong to), we think (not sure of the provenance of the poop, but that’s the claim and people are literally buying it so let’s go with it).
The museam is Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities.   Viktor was depressed one day so he created a display called the “Feces de resistance.”  The display is a jar that has within it the alleged poop of deceased pop icon, Amy Winehouse.

Wynd explained to Barcroft TV (That’s a Brit thing, folks), “I think I’m probably rather bored and depressed, so anything that makes my eyes sparkle and wakes me up and distracts me from the inanity of life gives me joy.”  The display itself stinks, literally, and possibly figuratively, yet people are coming to view the magnificant poop to the tune of almost 500 visitors a week.  Wynd said the museam, which opened in 2009, started off as a gag, a way to troll curiousity shops, but has become a legitimate attraction in and of itself.

Well, you know how the saying goes, if life gives you poop, put a label on it that it belonged to Amy Winehouse, stick it in a jar, open a museum and cash them poop-visitor checks.

I’ll leave you with this last quote from Wynd, “There are customers who come down take one look and leave ― quite often in a hurry.  But we do get the customers who come here and realize this place has been built for them and this is their home and they feel happy here.”

Watch the video here

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