An Honest Conversation with Pro & Anti-Trump Supporters on Impeachment Day

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the impeachment rally for Donald Trump.

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  1. Luke, I didn't know you had so many completely deluded "Alt Right" Trump supporters following your channel. Sorry, man. There is no "contradiction" about Trump. Just call a spade a spade. He's a fucking disaster and you boys still cheering him are as pathetic as the Hillarybots. REALLY sad…

  2. trump is the narcissistic pathological liar. He has insulted every country except Russia. He shows no respect for women. He's so jealous of Obama He's bleeding from his Orange face and wherever. He is not fit to be POTUS. I believe he will be leaving the office very soon. I'm from Sweden and he scares us. He's a danger to himself, your country and the world. He tweets like a teenage girl with hate issues. In my opinion is he's a bully, greedy and loves himself and more money.

  3. a good balanced video here Luke, the way it should be. Trump supporters seemed to be willing to be critical of trump, and just had a sensible balanced opinion in general, they came across really well. The anti trump supporters on the other hand, well, I think you gave enough of them a chance and they were all repeating sh1t they've been spoonfed from the msm, very irrational, and that first guy was just feking insane!

  4. "Impeach Trump!" for what reason? None, no reason what so ever, its absolute nonsense brought on by the Dems and the media because their candidate lost!
    64 Million people voted for Pres. Trump, including 30 Million women!
    He's POTUS that's it!

  5. Infowars to get real news??? ???????????????????????????? I am still waiting for all Americans to be fema camps by the end of Obama's term. Alex Jones is a fucking dumb ass. ????????????????????

  6. For a president that's done a lot of good for the country, TPP, climate accord, supreme court choice, very aggressive of towards paedophilia, his stance on open borders and immigration, the list goes on and on. But watching your videos, you almost seemed obsessed with the negative. Whereas there's no question that bad decisions have been made. His overall commitment to the American people has been positive, I truly believe he has the best interest of the people always at the forefront of his mind. At least he's not trying to destroy the country like Obama was on the path of doing with great success. The thought of where this country would be if Hillary was elected has no comparison, the devastation she would've cause the country and millions of the worlds populous by now, I believe would have blown the mind of even the worst pessimist. Accountability, needs to be a priority and is something that your good at. But you seem to be on a mission to put him down at every opportunity, and a focal point of your videos. He in my opinion has done more for this country then the last 4 presidents combined. At least there's a chance that America could be a country us old timers can be proud of again. At times it seems you have an nefarious agenda with Trump. In these times for the most part we need faith and try to hang onto hope! Trump is only human and It gets tiresome of the nonstop slamming. Wearechange, what are you trying to change it too?

  7. Great job Luke. It is amazing how most of the people on the left are brain dead zombies. That last woman is a nut job. I am amazed she literally believe everything the main stream media tells her. The New York Times has come out on record saying it was only four U.S. intelligence agencies who were pushing the Trump Russian narrative. At least those on the right are willing to listen. They do not agree with everything Trump has done. The first guy Luke interview literally thinks Trump has done cocaine and alcohol all his life. Talk about being gullible.

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