Apple Working on New 3D Printer, ARKit, that Could Take 3D Printing Mainstream

If you believe these claims, Apple could soon develop a commercial 3D printer that could make 3D printing a mainstream reality.


Imagine your imagination. Imagine being able to build the items that you see in your mind’s eye in 3D space, using gestures and a pen. Then imagine being able to bring those creations into the real world with a 3D printer.

Life after ARKit

That’s the potential we’ll see unleashed in the coming months as the perfect storm of technology advancements empower this section of the industry.

Apple’s move to introduce AR support at a platform level with ARKit means developers – including hardware developers – can now develop sophisticated solutions for a huge market of customers.

They can rely on Apple’s core platforms to develop and deliver integrated solutions that can become part of everyday life.

As Apple continues to develop its AR platform we will see it become better at doing things like recognizing walls as well as floors, and see it develop the capacity to recognize objects in the real world. (What, after all, is the object recognition AI baked inside Photos all about?).

Obsidian opens this up

That’s where Obsidian steps in. This recently funded Kickstarter project aimed to create a 3D printer for the rest of us.

They wanted to create a system that costs under $100 (though it scales to $249) and combines classy design with a decent user interface. (As you’d expect, given former Apple project manager Michael Husmann is CEO of the firm). The project achieved its funding target in three minutes. You can read a quite interesting interview with Husmann here.

“We felt that all the current 3D printers out there were missing the point. They’re too complex and hard to use, and not focused on the user experience. Obsidian is a 3D printer done right: powerful, sophisticated, smart,” Husmann says in a press release.

Apple’s ARKit will make 3D printing mainstream

Apple’s ARKit will make 3D printing mainstream — the $99 Obsidian 3D printer shows what’s coming

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