AT&T Wants Net Neutrality for Big Social

Once again, the ‘we’re being regulated so they should be regulated too’ argument is being used.  This time, it’s by AT&T, who is concerned about the potential for congress to reenact net neutrality regulations.  Rather than focusing on ending regulations for everyone, AT&T appears to want to support regulating EVERYONE, as is typical of folks who blindly accept the myth of the divine right of coercive enterprises to regulate what it wants to regulate, in the name of muh authorities.

At&T is saying if you want to regulate us, you should also regulate the social media giants, big social.  And maybe, just maybe, the conservative darling of the FCC, Ajit Pai, the chairman, might accomodate them, because conservatives don’t like big social (because big social is mostly owned and operated by neo-liberals, who don’t like conservatives).

They’re all just seeking protection from gangs with guns, or, as you might refer to them as, the government.

AT&T ad: Facebook, Google should have neutrality rules too

AT&T thinks it should play by the same neutrality rules as Google and Facebook — and it’s telling readers of the New York Times, Washington Post and other national outlets this morning in an ad signed by CEO Randall Stephenson.

Why it matters: AT&T — like FCC Chairman Ajit Pai — is tapping into anti-tech sentiments to build the case that the net neutrality debate shouldn’t just be about internet providers, but major web platforms as well.

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