Biovia CEO Becomes Guinea Pig of Youth Restoring Gene Therapy

The CEO of a company that is working on reversing the aging process through gene therapy has become the guinea pig of her own company.

The initial results suggest that the company, Biovia, may be on to something.  And that’s good news for those of us over the age of 30.

Forever Young: Bioviva Unveils First Anti-Aging Gene Therapy

Bioviva, a US-based biotech company (specializes in licensing gene therapies set to cure aging ailments) used the procedure on CEO Elizabeth Parrish. This makes her the ‘first’ person to have reconfigured the blood cells to stop aging.

“Current therapeutics offer only marginal benefits for people suffering from diseases of aging. Additionally, lifestyle modification has limited impact on treating these diseases. Advances in biotechnology are the best solution, and if these results are anywhere near accurate, we’ve made history,” commented Parrish Notes.

Aging is a DNA controlled function that occurs in the chromosomes. Under the influence of telomeres, cells are given a protective cushion during cell division. repeated cell divison consequently leads to a shorter telomeres.  A shot tolomere gives way to the aging process.

According to Parrish, the gene therapy has enhanced the lifespan of the telomere by a whopping 20 years. This was after she received two experimental- one containing muscle mass and the other with longevity gene- therapies back in 2015 (then 44 years of age).

To confirm this, scientists at SpectraCell tested Elizabeth white blood cells and it was noted that the telomere had lengthened from 6.71kb to 7.33kb. This meant that the health of the cells was lengthened twenty more times.

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