Blog: Congressional Republicans Create a One-Man Third Party

Once again, history is repeating itself.

Specifically, by abandoning the man who gave them the White House, today’s Congressional Republicans are repeating the mistake made by Congressional Whigs 175 years ago. In the process, they are creating a defacto third party, forcing their own President to either go his own way or to support congressional and senatorial candidates who – regardless of party affiliation – will support him.

With the Republican-fostered collapse of the bills to repeal and replace Obamacare, the RNC’s abandonment of Trump is now complete. Never a traditional “party man,” Trump nonetheless ran and decisively won as a Republican. He had electoral coattails as well, ensuring that the party retained control of both houses of Congress. With that decisive majority, the president and his party should have been able to not just repeal-and-replace Obamacare, they should have been able to implement many – most – of the sweeping changes Candidate and President Trump have promised the American people. Instead, it’s been Congress as usual – with the Republican congressional leaders either actively or passive-aggressively blocking changes, even those promised to and expected by their constituents.

Blog: Congressional Republicans Create a One-Man Third Party

Not since President John Tyler was abandoned by his own party has a major political party abandoned its own president. Until now, that is.

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