Brain Computer to “Record” One Million Human Brain Neurons All At Once

Are we training our replacement? From the “skynet” scenario of Terminator to real life, this project to enable computers to ‘record’ from a million neurons in the human brain could be JUST what machines need to achieve ‘self awareness.’

Or….it could just help order our robot/computer slaves around easier….


The US Department of Defense selected a small San Jose-based company, Paradromics Inc., to lead one of six consortia it is backing with $65 million to develop technologies able to record from one million individual neurons inside a human brain simultaneously.

Recording from large numbers of neurons is essential if engineers are ever to create a seamless, high-throughput data link between the human brain and computers, including to restore lost senses.

In April, Elon Musk said he invested in a $100 million brain-computer interface company called Neuralink. Facebook followed up by saying that it had started work on a thought-to-text device to let people silently compose e-mails or posts.

Cutting-edge technologies could make a “brain modem” really possible. They include flexible circuits that can be layered onto the brain, sand-sized wireless “neurograins,” and holographic microscopes able to observe thousands of neurons at once. Two other projects aim at restoring vision with light-emitting diodes covering the brain’s visual cortex.

Brain-Computer Interfaces to connect to one million neurons funded |

Brain-Computer Interfaces to connect to one million neurons funded

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