British Court Threatens Wife With Criminal Prosecution If She Has Consensual Sex With Her Husband

A man with Down Syndrome was prevented from having sex with his wife, whom he married in 2010, until he received special training from the government on sex.  The program had been designed to train learning disabled men when it was appropriate or inappropriate to engage in sex.  It should be noted that the man and his wife had been having consensual sex for years before the court order.

This kind of ruling shows you that coercive enterprises will, again and again and again, subject the ‘citizens’ to the minuscule letter of the law, even as they themselves create major loopholes to fundamentally violate the ‘original spirit’ of laws that no longer serve to protect them but, if followed, might actually serve to protect the citizens FROM them.

But, fear not, there’s hope in coercive enterprises.  After years of litigation and many a lonely night on the part of both the victim and his wife, “justice” has finally been served.  A British court has awarded the man $13,000 in damages as a result of the insane court ruling that had made it a crime for a man’s wife to have sex with him.

That’s right, the wife did not want to comply with the court order, so government officials cheerfully and politely informed her that if she did have sex with her husband, she would be committing a ‘serious crime.’  The woman, in an effort to help her husband deal with being deprived of her sexual company, withdrew from him entirely in any physical way so as not to ‘lead him on’ and get him unnecessarily stimulated.

Now, you might be saying, especially if you really love the leash and the brute boot to the face, why didn’t the man just take the course.  There’s the best part of the dystopian tale of state insanity, the course the man needed to take to once again get permission by the state to have sex with his wife was, well, delayed a full year.

So, for a full year, the man had to endure this humiliation.  His marriage must surely have suffered from the government’s meddling into their bedroom affairs.  And for all that, after one year, after being profoundly affected and tormented, after putting the man’s wife in the untenable position of choosing between being potentially taken away from her husband for good and going to prison or depriving him of one of the essential expressions of human bonding between two consenting adults, the court saw fit to reward them with a meagre $13,000.

Lest you think I am making all of this up, here are the court documents.  The man’s identity has been shielded to protect him from even further embarrassment and shame than what the court has already caused.  Sometimes, I have to ask myself, “when’s the next flight to Somalia?”

This article also carried by The Daily Sheeple.


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