“Bulletproof” Rapper Killed by Bullets

So this is not cool and none of you should be laughing at this because someone seriously died, he died. Yung Mazi, an up and coming rapper, gained a bit of internet fame with a video (see below) where he exclaimed why he had been shot so many times and why he could never die.
Now, this is the part where you are NOT to laugh, because, he ded, ok? That’s right, I kinda ruined the ‘punchline’ with that comment, but I’ll push on. It seems Yung Mazi ALSO declared that he could never die because he said “God made me bulletproof.”
Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case for the Yung rapper as he was recently discovered…ded…from bullet wounds.

from http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rapper-who-once-declared-god-made-me-bulletproof-shot-and-killed/http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rapper-who-once-declared-god-made-me-bulletproof-shot-and-killed

ATLANTA — An Atlanta rapper who previously claimed to have been shot on at least 11 different occasions — and who in December, after being wounded, proclaimed “God made me bulletproof” — was shot and killed Sunday, reports CBS affiliate WGCL-TV.

Jibril Abdur-Rahman, 28, who was better known as Yung Mazi, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds inside the Urban Pie pizza shop in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood, police said. The restaurant was less than 200 feet from a police station.

WGCL-TV reports that officers heard the gunshots, but the perpetrator got away before police arrived.

In a video posted to YouTube in June 2016, Abdur-Rahman said he had been shot 10 previous times. He said in the interview that he “keeps getting shot” in part due to his skin tone, the fact that “some people don’t like real dudes,” as well as the expensive accessories he wears.

“I might walk around with a quarter-million dollars worth of jewelry on,” Abdur-Rahman said in the interview.

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Rapper who once declared “God made me bulletproof” shot and killed

Yung Mazi claimed to have been shot on at least 11 previous occasions before he was gunned down in an Atlanta pizza shop Sunday

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