By the Power of Black Holes, We Have the Accelerator!

Black holes are not all negative, kids. For instance, did you know that you might be able to power your muscle space car with black holes in the not-so-distant future? Neither did.

Black Holes Can Be Employed As A Particle Accelerator – Canadian Homesteading

Vadim Ioan Caraiman 

Through a process that’s known as “frame dragging” black holes give energy to the surrounding matter. When a cloud of materials would happen to exist next to a black hole when it would merge with a second one, that significant amounts of energy would be transferred from the black holes merger to the matter in the cloud.

That energy transfer might result in the creation of exotic particles and a beam of particles that we could never ever see here, on Earth, no matter how potent would a human-made particle collider be. However, nobody can see those particles directly, but scientists can study and measure them since they will affect the gravitational waves generated by the black holes merger.

“We study the gravitational-wave signatures of clouds of ultralight bosons around black holes in binary inspirals. These clouds, which are formed via superradiance instabilities for rapidly rotating black holes, produce distinct effects and a continuous monochromatic gravitational-wave signal,” the scientists wrote in their study report.

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Now that they “SEE” the power, maybe they can harness the power. It’s only a matter of time before we enter the Black Hole Age.

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