Cassie Jaye: How Feminism Harmed My Relationship To My Boyfriend

In 2016 Cassie Jayes made a documentary called “The Red Pill” where she explores mens rights issues and the movement behind it, which is absolutely worth seeing:

Full video quoted under fair use:

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  1. It is simple: if you wanna be treated like a princess, treat your man like a motherfucking king, not like an idiot that pays for your shit and gets nothing in exchange.

  2. With this custody thing I think the focus wasn't that the father hadn't made as many sacrifices, it was that the child hadn't bonded with him as much, so would rather be with the person they bonded with.

  3. shes still a bitch like most women that so called "turned" they think there is no consequence to the damage they have done collectively for the last 50 years! they don't understand the blow back thats coming. fuck MRA is just the new name for feminism; MGTOW is the only answer!

  4. So women gatekeep access to the kids, deselect men who do not work long hours, and divorce men who lose their kids, and then alienate them from the kids, and when women end up sending more time with the kids, after pushing men away, that is used as a rationalization for women to get custody on divorce?

    Lololol what fucked up logic.

  5. So I am a feminist and I acknowledge that both my mum and dad make their own contributions to our house. While my mother does a lot of housework/cooking and was the one who was the who was around me the most as I was a baby, my dad handles ALL the finances of the house and does the repair works and things like that. He works longer hours than my mum so that she has the freedom to take up her job, which is less paying but she really enjoys it. But what really opened my eyes was that both my parents were alright and happy to play their parts. My mom was happy to cook and my dad was happy to work long hours. So the key to a good household isn't necessarily "equality" but rather if the people in the household are happy doing their jobs.

  6. Fuck the so called women who have become "anti-femininst" all of a sudden. This is going to be a reoccuring theme. Once feminism is not benefiting them, they will all go against feminism; to seek something else that benefits them. Or, claim that they were not feminist to begin with.

  7. Such a pity that feminism has become for many people women against men. But by doing what she did she was never a feminist. Feminism is the opposite. It fights against patriarcal society structures : the one that makes men more privilegde than women. Feminism is about equality between men and women. Men shouldn't be burdenned with the only task of making money. Everyone should choose to do what they want to do. Without being criticised. Everyone should be able to decide what their role on this planet will be. For me, feminism is about love and equality for all mankind. The ones that acted like this woman never were feminist, she was only a men hater, unsatisfied with the role she agreed upon by herself.

  8. This lady has it all messed up. She should've dumped that laborer;….if he didn't bring in the money he was a lazy bum, but if he did and worked long hours at a hard job then he was neglecting the family by being gone all the time.

    She should've found a professional , probably the son of wealthy people who received an inheritance and had fun at the frat in college and also had an air-conditioned bankers hours job with lots of perks and time off.

    NO, better than that she should've married a handsome prince with a castle, servants and a chariot to ride around in….who also plays a really mean harp or one of those long Ricolo horns.

  9. This woman is a conniving snake. She's just being a chameleon because now she's ready to settle down, and she also likes she limelight and had aspirations to produce a movie.

    She realizes marriage sucks, and is a HUGE risk for a man, but now she's engaged to be married, and willfully draw a man into that shitty ecosystem.

    It's amazing how much a pretty face can mesmerize morons.

  10. I have a wonderful wife, she accepts men and women are different but equal. She wants to be a housewife and Mom, and feels empowered by it. Being a Mother is the most important job on Earth, and because of these new feminists women have become ashamed to want to be a wife and Mother. They are horribly unhappy people for the most part and want others to be unhappy. They are all about women making their own coices unless it is the choice to be a housewife and Mother. I respect the individual regardless of gender. To the third wave feminist this is impossible as they see men as a collective. They are degenerates and are bringing down society. Luckily, people can change.

  11. The problem with feminism is that it is advocated disproportionately by people who are demonstrably poor at basic thinking. This is both biological and socio-cultural. Selective thinking is the most common thinking error made by feminists. You can list one fact after another that contradicts Feminist ideas and they just don't see it. Take sporting events. Women insist that they have parity in prize fund at Wimbledon tennis tourney, for example. That sounds fair — equality right (?) But then, of course, only women are allowed to play for the women's prize. That's privileged behavior — but they don't see it . . .

  12. Feminist arguments tend to be built on weak foundation. Like a child trying to fake cry to influence the situation. They tend to approach life by seeing reality and saying "how can I build an argument to undermine the status quo," (a status quo that developed across eons of lived experiences, for solid reasons). As opposed to saying "how can I explain observable reality." They, of course, will NEVER admit this to be the case.

  13. Just imagine the hundreds upon hundreds of millions of relationships that Feminaziism has ruined and continues to destroy. There was a time long ago when women loved their men. For the past 5 to 6 generations women have despised and harbored hatred towards the very men who worked untold amounts of overtime in order to pay for the house, cars, insurance, medical, dental insurance, performed all the hard labor, sacrificed leisurely quality family time in order to provide financial stability and materials that the family requires. And men did all that while the so called "wife" or "girlfriend" went to bed with her man every night full of hatred and resentment, thinking what more material resources she can possibly squeeze out of her man. Thinking how terribly oppressed she is because she cooked family dinner?! The biggest reason why men have considerably shorter lifespans, is because men work outrageous amounts of overtime to support all the materialistic demands and social status that their wives and girlfriends Demand. Overtime work is directly correlated with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, strokes, depression, poor health, and early death. If you go to any elderly house, you will see a whole bunch of women, and all the men are dead long ago, from all the overtime they put out. Men are not respected, not valued, and not loved in the Western world because Feminaziism has done such a splendid job demonizing men, and portraying men as perverts, rapists, and ultimate oppressors of the whole world. Men are treated like disposable, expendble toolbags, nothing more. What a mental case !! I am waiting patiently until the next couple of generations of women are raised, after Feminaziism collapses onto itself and disappears. Only then there is some chance in Hell to meet a woman who actually values and appreciates the man's role in the house and in the relationship. But for now, I am just watching in awe this gruesome circus show from aside.

    Everywhere I go, I hear women mindlessly parrot the Feminazi slogan, "Happy Wife, Hapy Life !!" Then, when I am spending time with my buddies and other men, we always repeat the following truth to each other, "No Wife, Happy Life !!" MGTOW, and cheers, mates.

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