Catalonia To Declare Independence, Says President

What happens when a region of a large-scale nations state begins to understand its relation to the nation-state is one of host feeding a parasite?  It tends to want to separate itself from the parasite.  Such, we believe, is the case in Catalonia (which we have been covering here, here, and here).  In the latest move, following the referendum in which Spanish Federal police assaulted Catalans, the Catalan President has stated the region intends on declaring independence in the coming days.

From AntiWar

Amid massive protests and public strikes in Catalonia, President Carles Puigdemont told the BBC that his government intends to declare independence from Spain “in a matter of days,” saying it would either be by week’s end or very early next week.

Catalonia held a referendum over the weekend, with an overwhelming “yes” vote resulting on strong turnout. Spanish national police were violently cracking down on the vote, leaving over 800 people wounded.

Exactly how Catalonia is to secure their independence after the vote remains to be seen. Puidgemont has called for international mediation on the matter. Fury among the Catalan public over Spain’s crackdown is likely to add to impatience to get away from Spain as soon as possible.

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