Charlottesville Mayor Flees Hostile Town Hall After They Start Chanting “Blood on Your Hands”

The Mayor of Charlottesville may have been intentionally creating an opportunity for violence, some people believe.  They let him know just how strongly they believed that at a recent Town Hall meeting when they chanted “Blood on your Hands” at the estranged Mayor.  Mind you, these aren’t alt righters or conservatives, these are the same people that were part of the counter protest to the so-called “Unite the Right Rally” organized by mostly alt right organization.  Below is a video of the Town Hall Meeting.


‘Blood On Your Hands’ Charlottesville Mayor Flees As Protesters Storm Town Hall [VIDEO]

Signer, Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, and three council members “fled” the meeting, while a group carrying a sign that read “Blood on your hands,” stood on their desks.

The first city council meeting since the Aug. 12 rally, which left 19 injured and one killed in violent confrontations between the alt-right rally-goers and protesters, then resumed for a three-hour listening session.

The crowd lined up to scream into the microphone at the mayor and city council that presided over the police action, and approved the rally permit in Emancipation Park hours before the event took place.

“Mike you need to leave,” one protester said to Mayor Mike Signer. “You just showed us how weak you are, you just showed us you aren’t a leader.”

Another angry citizen slammed the police for lack of action during the several hour long period where protesters and alt-right rally attendees clashed openly in the streets.”You all let this city down, the protester said at the meeting. “It’s absolutely disgraceful.”

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