Chelsea Handler’s Sex Abuse Tweet Backfires, Bigly

Handler’s Accusations Against Roy Moore Get Called Out by Juanita Brooderick

Chelsea Handler likes to preach from a very high place looking down upon the proles with her mighty, Hollywood-Privileged eyes of judgment. She’s not terribly unique in that department, as there are a lot of high-moralizing peacocks strutting out of the same town that is delivering to us stories of pedophilia, rape, and sexual bullying.
Well, it appears that Chelsea Handler now wants to feign concern about sexual abuse, as the Hollywood types are wont to do. Chelsea decided to take her moral outrage and do something meaningful about it, something that could LITERALLY change the world. She dove into twitter, prepared to deal with the backlash she surely would receive for daring to stand up bravely and declare that she, Chelsea Handler, the superstar of her own mind, the woman who is to comedy what Amy Schumer is to comedy, who herself is a woman who is to comedy what the Cleveland Browns are to football.
Yeah, you wear the right outfits and show up to the right places, but really, is it really football you’re playing? Ask any Browns fan, they know damn well what I’m talking about.
So Chelsea took her brave self to Twitter, bracing herself to boldly declare that yes, she too is against sexual assaults, rape, and all that stuff. I know, you’re shocked, right? Much brave. So Courage.
Chelsea declared, in a tweet, “Imagine being molested by an older man. Then that man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United States senate. What kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? And men to all the men who abuse women?”
Well, hey, yeah, that would suck. I mean, screw that guy, right? She is, of course, referring to Roy Moore, who may or may not be guilty of the charges being levelled at him by four women. If true, yeah, that guy is for the major sucking, no?
Now, if Chelsea wasn’t Chelsea, if she didn’t have the “rich” history of being what some might describe as a sex abuser enabler (I’m gonna go ahead and go with that), that tweet might be bravely held up as another fine example of the moral courage of Hollywood standing up against evil. Bra…vo. Tears would well up and we would say to ourselves, “THIS!!!!! This is why they’re better than us! THIS is why we should take their moral and political advice. They Just GET IT!”

Well, turns out Chelsea’s history actually does kind of undermine her selective outrage.
Let me just add here that I don’t question people for making a judgment that, based on what is known so far, this guy Moore might be a sexual predator of young girls, even if they decide to make political or other free association decisions about him based on that assumption.
But, when you’re coming from a camp that has a long history of covering up for the sexual deviancy of your own allies, well, spare me the high moral tones, girlie (I said girlie because 3rd wave feminism triggered my oppositional defiance disorder, and Chelsea really is a girlie, at least mentally).
You’re just a flailing privileged celebrity with a grand sense of entitlement that goes far beyond the fruit of your labor.
Turns out there was someone who had a powerful story to tell, a story that was not just ignored by the Chelsea Handlers of the world, but one that was ridiculed. That story was by Juanita Broderick, and the story she told was about being allegedly raped by Bill Clinton, the darling of the statist progressives and husband to their other darling, and failed Presidential candidate Hillary “I Hate at least half the county but don’t understand how I F#%king lost” Clinton.
Juanita Brooderick tweeted back to Chlesea, “I can imagine. I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes Governor, President and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing. But I’m sure you don’t want to go there.”

Needless to say, Chelsea doesn’t want to go there, because people like her have no real care or concern for real victims, they only see opportunity to exploit victimhood, even if they have to invent it from nothing, to nudge people towards their highly controlling, highly oppressing, state-worshiping, dictator-dreaming statist progressive ways.
There was one more tweet that came at Chelsea that spoke even louder of the hypocrisy of this self-righteous, morality-police, language-cop, thought-controller wanna-be in hackneyed comedian’s clothes. That tweet came from the Gay Patriot, who simply said, “Tell us more,” while displaying a picture of Chelsea Handler, nuzzled right next to the man who seems to have started off this whole frenzy of sexual allegations, Harvey Weinsten.

To say that Hollywood, including Chelsea, didn’t know what a sexist, molesting, and possibly raping, piece of proverbial this guy was it to deny all the rumors that have been floating around Hollywood for years around this guy.
But Harvey made you money and got you connections, so yeah, Chelsea wasn’t so concerned about the struggles of women facing sexual predators as she is now. You see, this time the predator in the crosshairs (alleged) is a Republican running for Senate, and destroying him means getting one of her kind in the seat of power, the kind of controlling, highly oppressing, state-worshiping, dictator-dreaming statist progressive that reflects the true values of Hollywood.

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