Complete Secure Communications Thanks to Quantum Secure Direct Communication?

Could a New Technique of Sending Secure Messages Offer Total Protection from Prying “Eyes?”

A claim has been posited that a new technique of securing communications called Quantum Secure Direct Communication could offer eavesdrop-proof communications.


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The writer, Brian Wang, on Next Big Future, says, “Getting rid of one-time pads would make sending secure messages far simpler.  The new method uses some initial photons to check for eavesdropping.  If there is none, then the message is sent.”

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From The Next Big Future

A message encoded using a one-time pad cannot be broken. Sending a one-time pad code with perfect privacy has been achieved. A one-time pad message can be sent securely using quantum mechanics and now also send the original message can be sent securely.

Physicists could check quantum states to see if a one-time pad message had been overheard. The leakage is detected after it has occurred. An eavesdropper would already have the information by the time physicists found out.

For a one-time pad, a set of random numbers that can be used to encrypt a message. If the one-time pad is overheard, physicists simply disregard it and send another, until they can be sure that the process was completely private.

Getting rid of one-time pads would make sending secure messages far simpler.

The new method uses some initial photons to check for eavesdropping if there is none then the message is sent.

The transmission rate close to security key rates of current commercial quantum key distribution systems.

Quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) is an important quantum communication branch, which realizes the secure information transmission directly without encryption and decryption processes.

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