Cyber Soldiers Get Heavy Training on US Military Base

The cyber soldier is becoming more and more realistic, with America’s soldiers blending man and machine in ever increasingly seamless ways. This story is about one place in Texas that is testing the cyber soldier to the limits in an effort to fine tune the integration of man and machine in the purpose of war.


Two hours northeast of the sound-canceling “hush houses” of Palmdale, where newly developed jet engines are tested, lies the Army’s Fort Irwin National Training Center in the desert south of Death Valley. Fast Company reports.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:
10 July 2017 — It’s at the Fort Irwin training center that America’s freshest cyber warriors are put through their paces and where troops are trained to use and respond to the new weapons of war: software tools that can disrupt the operations of a tank or an aircraft, take over the controls of a dam, bring down a power grid, or insinuate themselves into a communications channel to send a message that appears to come from a fellow soldier or commanding officer but which really emanates from an adversary’s HQ.

None of this is fiction; it is happening today, both on training grounds like Fort Irwin and on battlefields around the world. Of the Army’s 41 cyber mission teams, 34 are already fully operational, says Brigadier General Joseph McGee, Army Cyber Command’s Deputy Commander for Operations.
Their top priority is defending military information and operations networks from attacks. But cyber operations have now become part of all phases of any military operation.

How America’s New Cyber Foot Soldiers Are Put Through Their Paces

Inside the military training facility south of Death Valley in California where troops are trained to use the new weapons of war: software tools

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