Czech Cabinet Member Assigned to Monitoring Fake News is Accused of Spreading Fake News

“Fake News” has become a buzzword on the statist left for “the Russians are invading our social media and we need to empower government to regulate and control our social media.”
“Fake News” has become a buzzword on the statist right for “leftists are spreading their false narratives and using their Soros-funded media to brainwash people to hate us.”
In the Ccech republic, the fake news narrative is being used to attack a right-leaning figure who has recently risen to political power.

The Explainable Rise of Czech Fake News

Last year, a 52-year-old Czech IT specialist called Radek Koten shared an inflammatory post from a pro-Russian website which attacked mandatory vaccinations. “Cancerous enzymes” had been found in vaccine compounds, according to the article he shared (see below), and the doctors who made the discovery had all been “murdered.” Over the past year, he has also decorated his Facebook wall with claims that the 9/11 attacks were a CIA plot and that the United States wants to liquidate the Slavic race……

It means that a man with an appetite for fake news now has a role in combating it, as one of his responsibilities is working closely with Czech intelligence services and the Czech government’s efforts to fight disinformation. And the pro-Russian websites that he has promoted are celebrating his rise. But his breakthrough is also testament to the country’s deepening political divisions, observers say, with its controversial new prime minister accused of empowering fringe parties like the SPD to stay in power…..

He denies any ties to Russia, but he has defended the growing audience for pro-Russian websites. “If Czech Television or any other TV channel was informing people in a balanced way about the presidential elections in America, or about the conflict in Ukraine,” he said pointedly, “then I think people wouldn’t need to find other sources of media.” Koten didn’t reply to requests for comment……

Most of the criticism over Koten’s rise, though, is being aimed at the new prime minister, Andrej Babis. A brash billionaire tycoon who has been described as a blend of Donald Trump and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, he is also facing charges of trying to defraud the EU before he won office. He and his ANO party (which translates as “Union of Dissatisfied Citizens” and spells “yes” in Czech) won the largest number of seats in the October election—about a third of the total. But so far none of the major parties are willing to form a coalition with him because of those charges.

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