Dems Demand New Online Gun Study When GAO Results Crush Their Narrative

In what could only be drunk in with a rich sense of delicious satisfaction, the dems served up a healthy cup of prog tears over a report by the General Accounting Office that buying firearms online illegally was just not a thing that could be so easily done.

After you get done drinking that delicious salty brew of prog tears, check out the excerpt below from an article in NewsMax about how the Dems are now demanding that the GAO, or SOMEONE does a different study, IMMEDIATELY, that support their fear porn narrative that guns are going to kill us all and little babies can just hop on the internet, buy a machine gun, and kill EVERYONE in YOUR TOWN!

Dems Want New Gun Study After GAO Report

Democrats have asked for a new study with different methodology after a Government Accountability Office report on online gun sales requested by them showed that it is difficult to buy firearms illegally on the internet, The Daily Caller reported on Monday.

“When we send something to GAO, we allow them to do the process that they think makes sense,” Hawaii Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz said. “But we do have a disagreement with their methodology, and we’re going to go and sit down with them and discuss how to get at the problem.”

Schatz stressed that “The way that the GAO analysts did it is, they announced to the sellers, ‘Hey I’d like to buy some guns illegally.’ I think the sellers are wise enough to that to decline, so we did not agree with their methodology, but we’ll continue to work on this issue.”

The GAO report, released earlier this month stated that its investigators tried to illegally purchase firearms and “revealed their status to the sellers as individuals who would ordinarily be banned from buying these weapons legally.”

Out of 72 attempts on the Surface Web, the investigators did not manage to purchase a single gun.

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