Disease-Free Mosquitos Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

If you won’t eat GMOs, would you consider allowing GMMs to fly in your neighborhood and suck your blood? You might be asking, what in the heck is a GMM? Well, I just made it up, but it’s a genetically modified mosquito, a GMM.
The purpose of these mosquitos is to drive out the diseased mosquitos and replace a local population with a disease-free population, the GMMs.
The Mosquitos are to be cultivated in mini labs that can be transported to neighborhoods, where they are then released. The work is already being done in parts of Brazil, but now the folks doing it at a larger scale, want to try more targeted areas.

From statnews.com

The future of genetically modified mosquitoes could be in mini, moveable labs

From its gleaming, year-old factory in this southeast Brazilian city, Oxitec, a British biotech firm, has built a thriving business releasing tens of millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes to protect populations from illnesses like dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.

But the company sees its future here not just in big factories but in a new business model centered on miniature labs, where mosquito eggs can be raised and released into neighborhoods. These mosquitoes carry a gene that causes their offspring to die before reaching maturity, with the goal of reducing vector-borne diseases.

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