Drones to Be Regulated Below 200 Feet by State, Local Governments

Through an announcement about something called the UAS Integration Pilot Program, it has been revealed that the Feds will be giving “permission” to state and local governments to regulate drone flights below 200 feet.

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The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will launch the UAS Integration Pilot Program at an event held in Washington D.C. tomorrow – but the Federal Register Noticeabout the program has been published.  Here’s what the notice reveals about the details of the program.

The program calls for state, local and tribal governments to work with industry partners to apply to operate drone programs that may be beneficial for their communities, testing the programs and the integration of the drone operations into local airspace.  By allowing the state, local and tribal governments to apply, the program grants them control over the testing in their area.  Many stakeholders view the program as a test not only of drone technology but of the role of state, local and tribal governments in drone regulation.

The Program notice may offer a hint of the administration’s approval of the proposed Drone Innovation Act,which would grant state and local governments the right to enact drone regulations below 200 feet.  The DOT mirrors that view of regulation, proposing to: “solicit proposals from State, local, and tribal governments to test within their jurisdictions the integration of civil and public UAS operations into the NAS below 200 feet above ground level, or up to 400 feet above ground level if the Secretary determines that such an adjustment would be appropriate,” says the notice.

The notice does provide more information about the program than the summary released last week.

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