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Ah, that’s my order. What are you having for breakfast?

It’s April 30th, Tuesday.  This is PG Gordy.  You go on and eat your breakfast, You eat, I’ll talk.  I’ll give you the what’s what for today here on PGNewser.



Booming GDP, Plunging Unemployment, Synagogue Shooting, and more on at pgnewser.com/nf


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US v China Arms Race Driving Military Spending to Record Levels

In 1984, Sting asked the question, do the Russians love their children too?  That question was asked because of the insane hype around the greatest arms race of ever, between America and the Soviet Union.
Why, oh why do I need to explain this to you given the headline you’ve already seen?  Well, it seems that arms race of all time is gonna have to take a step back to a new show, a new game, with America once again representing one side but CHINA stepping in to replace the Soviet Union.

From Business Standard – Global military expenditure reached its highest level last year since the end of the Cold War, fueled by increased spending in the United States and China, the world’s two biggest economies, a leading defence think-tank said on Monday.  In its annual report, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said overall global military spending in 2018 hit $1.82 trillion, up 2.6 percent on the previous year.  That is the highest figure since 1988, when such data first became available as the Cold War began winding down. | go to source


  • Did This Whale Found in Norway Come to Spy for Russia? The Whale’s Go-Pro Says Maybe

    BBC – A beluga whale found off Norway’s coast wearing a special Russian harness was probably trained by the Russian navy, a Norwegian expert says.  Marine biologist Prof Audun Rikardsen said the harness had a GoPro camera holder and a label sourcing it to St Petersburg. A Norwegian fisherman managed to remove it from the whale.  He said a Russian fellow scientist had told him that it was not the sort of kit that Russian scientists would use. | go to sourc […]

  • Trump Teases Potential Investigation of Clinton-Ukraine Collusion Accusations

    Fox News – President Trump told Fox News’ “Hannity” in a wide-ranging interview Thursday night that Attorney General Bill Barr is handling the “incredible” and “big” new revelations that Ukrainian actors apparently leaked damaging information about then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign. | go to sourc […]




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Planetesemals of Life, Facebook Privacy Punking and more on at pgnewser.com/fq



What if Life Began Outside of Earth and it Wasn’t an Alien Conspiracy, It Was Science?

There’s these things called planetesimals, they apparently are the heart of any new planet.  Well, scientists believe these planetesimals ‘had all the ingredients necessary” for the beginning of life to have happened long before earth was even fully.  Now the people who know science will tell it to you.  Take it away,  Live Science –

Life may have arisen in our solar system before Earth even finished forming.  Planetesimals, the rocky building blocks of planets, likely had all the ingredients necessary for life as we know it way back at the dawn of the solar system, said Lindy Elkins-Tanton, a planetary scientist at Arizona State University (ASU).  And clement conditions may have persisted inside some planetesimals for tens of millions of years — perhaps long enough for life to emerge, said Elkins-Tanton, the director of ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and the principal investigator of NASA’s upcoming mission to the odd metallic asteroid Psyche. | go to source


  • Facebook Opens “Privacy-Protected” Data Up to Researchrs

    Venture Beat –  Facebook today announced the recipients of a grant that offers access to “privacy-protected” data from a fraction of the network’s billions of monthly active users around the world. The more than 60 researchers from 30 institutions across 11 countries were selected by two partner organizations, Social Science One and the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). Facebook says it won’t play a role in directing their findings in order to ensure the independence of the research. | go to sourc […]

  • Filaments That Make Your Hair Look Fat Have Just Been Discovered

    Science Daily – Experts have discovered that there is a moment at which a polymer in liquid state — specifically one that has been worked from polyethylene glycol, which is widely used in industry — shows greater elasticity that, instead of breaking up and forming drops, the liquid experiences a stretching which causes filaments to be formed. | go to sourc […]

  • AI Protects Drones from Human-Flown Drones

    Military and Aerospace Electronics – Iris Automation Inc. in San Francisco is introducing Casia computer visiontechnology detect-and-avoid technology to enable beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). | go to sourc […]

  • Nanowires Help Researchers 3D-Print Innovative Flexible Transparent Electric Circuits

    From 3DPrint.org –  University of Hamburg and DESY have been fast at work developing a new form of electronics using flexible transparent circuits. The cooperation between the two organisations has yielded an interesting design using nanowires and polymers. As a result, it opens up the possibility for electronics comprising a mesh of silver nanowires as circuits which are printable in suspension, embedded in various flexible and transparent plastics. | go to sourc […]




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Revolutionary Guard Drops to Murica, ISIS Comeback Videos, and more on at pgnewser.com/hm



Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Defects to US

It appears the Iranians lost a big fish and the US gained a big fish in the war over “my gang is more loyal than your gang.” In this case, the US gang wins, as one of the top generals, apparently, in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has decided to come on over to the eagle, the bald eagle, that is.

Washington Free Beacon – A senior Iranian military officer affiliated with the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, has fled the Islamic Republic with a cache of secret documents said to contain information on Tehran’s military plans, according to reports.

Ali Nasiri, a former IRGC brigadier general who once headed Iran’s counterintelligence operations, is reported to have fled Iran and requested political asylum at a U.S. embassy in an unnamed Gulf country, according to a report carried in Iran Commentary, an online news portal that publishes information about Iran’s human rights abuses and illicit activity. | go to source


  • ISIS Head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Appears in Video After 5-Year Absence

    Fox News – Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was pictured in a new video for the first time since July 2014, SITE Intelligence Group said Monday. The video was released by ISIS’s propaganda arm al-Furqan. | go to sourc […]

  • Mexico Protests Slow Border Flow Through Official Diplomatic Complaint

    Mexico News Daily – The foreign affairs secretary expressed concern over border delays in a diplomatic note to the United States embassy on Friday. Marcelo Ebrard urged the U.S. government to hasten the movement of border traffic that has been slowed by measures and threats by President Donald Trump. | go to sourc […]

  • Uruguary Challenges Independence Claim By Nagorno-Karabakh

    Trend News Agency – On April 26, a meeting was held between Ambassador Ariel Bergamino, acting Minister for Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, and Rashad Aslanov, ambassador of Azerbaijan accredited to Uruguay, Trend reports with reference to Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry. | go to sourc […]

  • Syrian Asylum Seekers Might Have Hard Time in Germany Now

    Channel News Asia – Germany has stopped processing some applications for asylum by Syrian refugees, pending a new assessment of the security situation in the war-torn country, according to a report on Saturday (Apr 26). | go to sourc […]




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The great Facebook Graveyard Invasion, What Happens to Endgame Spoilers, and more on at pgnewser.com/lz



The World’s Largest Graveyard Might Be Facebook, and Soon, the Dead Will Outnumber the Living

Without appearing to assume what any rational person would presume should assume I could potentially presume I could resume regarding the potential continuation of Facebook, let’s go along with the scenario in the story I found from The Mirror UK.  In that scenario, we have to assume we have some presumption to assume that Facebook will be around until 2070.  The story is so lulzy that I am going to NEED YOU to go along with me on this one and run with this scenario.  Presumptions notwithstanding, we need to assume Facebook will certainly be here in 2070 for this lulz to even work.

You see, folks, in this scenario, a little thing is happening on Facebook that many of us know about, that many of us have sometimes wondered if it would one day be our fate as well, to become, a dead profile, not like a figurative dead profile, a profile of a dead person.  Here’s the Mirror UK’s deets on this thing:
“A new report by academics from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) – part of the University of Oxford – sets up two potential extreme scenarios.  The first assumes that no new users join as of 2018; the second assumes that Facebook continues to grow by its current rate of 13% globally, every year, until each market reaches saturation.”

Now I grant you that the ‘study’ (Is that what the kids call it these days) really has to make a LOT of far fetched assumptions, I mean, it presumes a lot, dontcha think?  BUT…..even if the story itself is a bit overly cooked, so to speak, it does lead us, or, rather, me, to this opportunity to highlight the increasing fact that a SIGNIFICANT portion of Facebook is, in fact, a digital graveyard, and parts of me love this, and parts of me don’t know if I should delete my Facebook account. | go to source


  • In Hong Kong, Revealing Avengers End Game Spoilers Will Get You Beat Up

    Asia One – Recently, a photo has been making the rounds online, showing a bloody man that seems to have been beaten up for giving out spoilers outside the cinema.  It’s reported that this incident happened outside a cinema in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. | go to sourc […]

  • Kid’s Age is Part of Lottery Numbesr, But Mom Got it Wrong…and She Still Wins 78K Smackers

    UPI – A Michigan woman said she owes her $78,000 lottery jackpot to a mistake she made about her own child’s age.  Antoinette Ousley of Inkster was one of two people to match all numbers in the Fantasy Five drawing April 15, earning her half of the $156,090 jackpot, $78,045.  Ousley told Michigan Lottery officials she recognized her numbers right away when she checked the Michigan Lottery app. | go to sourc […]

  • Pot Houses Don’t Open on Time, Get Fined By Ontario Pot Police

    CBC – Cannabis retailers in Ontario who have failed to open their stores by a government-set deadline are facing a new round of financial penalties.In all, eleven pot retailers have been fined $12,500 each for not opening their stores by April 15.  Twenty-five retailers were selected through a government lottery to open the first brick-and-mortar cannabis stores on April 1, but less than half met the deadline. | go to sourc […]

  • Wyoming Man Robs Store, Applies for Job on Same Day

    Associated Press – Police in northern Wyoming say a man who allegedly shoplifted at the same store twice in one day also asked to fill out a job application during one of his visits…the 36-year-old man went to the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Gillette and bought some items with a rewards card but allegedly took sunglasses and ammunition without paying for them.  Police say he returned to the store a few hours later, asked to fill out the job application and left with two more pairs of sunglasses, allegedly without paying for them. | go to sourc […]




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Did Donald just go McCarthy on Obama? What happens when Biden Boners and more on at pgnewser.com/pz



Leftzilla – Trump Claims Obama Was Disloyal To America As Investigators Close In – Politics USA

Our Polzilla of the day comes to us from Politics USA.  And if you know your poly blogs, that means the Leftzillas win again!  Congrats, leftzillas.  Politic USA captures a rather ‘interesting’ exchange Donald Trump had recently.  I’ll let the leftzillas tell the tale-
Politics USA – Trump claimed in Green Bay that former President Obama had been disloyal to America, as congressional investigators are digging into his relationship with Russia.  Trump said, “Now, you finally have a president who is loyal to you. Every day between now and November 2020, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. Remember I used to tell you about winning. We’re winning. We are respected again, and I have to say every leader without fail that comes to see me in the Oval Office, they all say without fail. Congratulations, it’s incredible what’s happened to the United States.”
Them providing the quote was good and sporting of them considering the quote doesn’t, sadly, fully deliver on the zilla promise of the headline.  For the zilla fans, this is a bit of a letdown, but the exploitation of the potential for the title to be fully correct leads me to give them the win today nonetheless. | go to source



Rightzilla – Joe Biden Exploited Charlottesville Murder In His Announcement Video, Didn’t Tell The Family First – True Pundit

My Oppo of the day addresses a recent video Joe Biden did commemorating the events in Charlottesville.  Apparently, Joe done flerbed the fleek.  Or something.  He did NOT get permission to use video of Heather Heyer from her parents.

Here’s how True Pundit addressed the Biden Boner.

True Pundit – Joe Biden announced his entry into the 2020 Democratic primary early yesterday morning with a video heavily referencing the events in Charlottesville that happened in 2017. Specifically, the death of a young women named Heather Heyer, who was killed by a white supremacist coward attending the “United the Right” rally put on by Richard Spencer. He then sought to use those events as a cudgel against Donald Trump as part of the roll out of his candidacy.  It’s about to get rockier as The Daily Beast is reporting that Biden made that video without the consent of the deceased family.  Joe Biden did not tell Susan Bro, Heather Heyer’s mother, that he would be invoking her daughter’s murder in Charlottesville in August 2017 in his presidential campaign launch video focusing on “the battle for the soul” of America | go to source



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