EPA Won’t Clean Sites Because 30 Year Old Work Plan Doesn’t Allow For It

The EPA is resting on a work schedule that was created over 30 years ago, and refuses to change it, even if the schedule is preventing them from sending workers from one site where no work is needed to another site where urgent work is needed to prevent deadly contamination.  Without government, who would waste our resources and allow our water to be poisoned for the sake of bureaucracy?

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EPA Refuses To Send Staff Needed To Clean Most Toxic Waste Sites

Some of the most highly toxic waste sites in America aren’t being cleaned because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refuses to send staff where they’re needed most, a government watchdog reported Tuesday.

The EPA hasn’t changed how it distributes staff to Superfund sites in 30 years, despite acknowledging that the workloads across its 10 regions have changed, the agency’s Inspector General reported.

“Due to insufficient human resources to cover all Superfund site work, some regions have had to slow down or discontinue their efforts to protect human health and the environment,” the report said. (RELATED: Feds Ignored Contamination For DECADES In Poor Neighborhood Superfund Site)

“Some sites where work has slowed down or been discontinued do not have ‘human exposure under control’ or ‘groundwater migration under control,’” the report continued. “Other impacts include loss of subsistence fishing and human health exposure to chemicals such as lead and mercury. (RELATED: Feds Leave Dangerously Polluted Superfund Sites Uncleaned For DECADES)

Work at 49 Superfund sites in the northwest, for example, has slowed or stopped, and 34 of those lack the necessary staff. Seven of the sites endanger humans.

Additionally, the EPA isn’t sure if humans are threatened at one Montana site with contaminants such as arsenic and lead.

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