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The World’s Largest Graveyard Might Be Facebook, and Soon, the Dead Will Outnumber the Living

Without appearing to assume what any rational person would presume should assume I could potentially presume I could resume regarding the potential continuation of Facebook, let’s go along with the scenario in the story I found from The Mirror UK.  In that scenario, we have to assume we have some presumption to assume that Facebook will be around until 2070.  The story is so lulzy that I am going to NEED YOU to go along with me on this one and run with this scenario.  Presumptions notwithstanding, we need to assume Facebook will certainly be here in 2070 for this lulz to even work.

You see, folks, in this scenario, a little thing is happening on Facebook that many of us know about, that many of us have sometimes wondered if it would one day be our fate as well, to become, a dead profile, not like a figurative dead profile, a profile of a dead person.  Here’s the Mirror UK’s deets on this thing:
“A new report by academics from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) – part of the University of Oxford – sets up two potential extreme scenarios.  The first assumes that no new users join as of 2018; the second assumes that Facebook continues to grow by its current rate of 13% globally, every year, until each market reaches saturation.”

Now I grant you that the ‘study’ (Is that what the kids call it these days) really has to make a LOT of far fetched assumptions, I mean, it presumes a lot, dontcha think?  BUT…..even if the story itself is a bit overly cooked, so to speak, it does lead us, or, rather, me, to this opportunity to highlight the increasing fact that a SIGNIFICANT portion of Facebook is, in fact, a digital graveyard, and parts of me love this, and parts of me don’t know if I should delete my Facebook account. | go to source


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