Some Rules to De-Poision Your Facebook Experience

I am developing some “rules” for Facebook (intended only for me, not trying to be Pope Facey here).
I thought I’d share a couple. They MIGHT be of help to some who might be going through what I was going through not too long ago.
Facebook is a useful tool, but it can also be a poison pill that does more harm to your life than good. So I have a couple rules for myself I am now self-imposing.
1. If I think there’s little to no chance I’d actually want to be your friend IRL, I unfriend you.
2. If people start a “conversation” on my page with a personal attack (like, you’re an idiot, etc), unless I know them and they have some standing wth me, I unfriend them.
3. Facebook is not the best tool for “outreach,” so I significantly reduce my outreach time on here, opting instead to use it to network to like-minded people, promote my stuff, stay connected to some IRL friends and family, test ideas, and enjoy the banter with my more regularly engaging Facebook friends.
4. Deep philosophical and/or theological debates are 99 percent of the time unfruitful on Facebook. They mostly lead to bomb throwing at the end. I will dip lightly into these types of debates, but I avoid trying to go too deep.
5. Just remember, you are always someone eles’s idiot, sometimes deseevedly so.
6. Be to others what you want others to be for you on Facebook (this one is the hardest rule).
7. Not everyone needs to be “corrected.” It’s ok to not comment on someone’s page who posts something you don’t agree with.
8. It’s ok for people to have views you don’t agree with. Don’t take it personally.
I am not saying I follow these rules perfectly, but it gets easier and easier to follow them. It has reduced the poison pill aspect on Facebook significantly for me, and it has made Facebook a far more useful tool for me than it has been for a while.

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