FBI’s Presentation of the Arrest of Alphabay Adminstrator that Killed Himself in Jail

FBI Shows Arrest Video Of Dark Web Kingpin Who Died By Suicide in Police Custody

In July 2017, the FBI shut down AlphaBay, one of the largest illegal dark web marketplaces in the world, and arrested its administrator, Alexandre Cazes. He died while in custody of Thai police days later by suspected suicide.

At a cybersecurity conference in Manhattan Tuesday, an FBI agent involved in the case showed a video of Cazes’s arrest to journalists and law enforcement, and joked about how the arrest went down.

“See if you can spot the moment when he realizes he’s about to be arrested,” FBI special agent Nicholas Phirippidis said as he played a few seconds of the surveillance footage of the arrest at Fordham University’s International Conference on Cyber Security; the audience laughed as the video played.

Cazes died eight days after the arrest. He was 26, and never got a trial.

Phirippidis told the audience that the bureau managed to corner Cazes and arrest him while he was still logged in as the admin of AlphaBay by ramming a car through the front gate of his home in Thailand.

This footage has yet to be publicly released and the FBI declined to send us the actual video file, but as I realized what the video was, I filmed some of it on my phone. You can see a brief segment of the video and Phirippidis’s comments below. The FBI declined to send us any of the materials used in the briefing and would not make an agent available for an interview.

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