FINALLY! A Traffic Sign that Makes Sense- A Startled Police Warning Sign

A good samaritan recently posted a common-sense street sign that could potentially save thousands of lives if distributed nationally.  The street signs warns of “Startled Police” ahead.  The sign was spotted at a neighborhood in Minneapolis and has probably already saved scores of lives before, sadly, the sign was taken down, probably by the same startled police.  In their natural habitat, trolling the streets for petty, finable violations of muh laws and orders, startled police naturally prefer not to be seen unless it is safely behind the glaring flash of sirens.
Whoever that brave person was that posted such a sign, we salute you.


Joe Morino brought an incredulous friend to see the orange street sign he just spotted in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The official-looking metal sign read: “WARNING: TWIN CITIES POLICE EASILY STARTLED.” It featured a graphic silhouette of a police officer, a gun in each raised hand, shooting in both directions.

“There’s a side of truth to the sign,” Morino said after snapping a picture of it. “That tells you there is something wrong with the system.”

The sign, which was still up at 8 p.m. Sunday, was one of at least two seen in the Twin Cities Sunday.

A photo of the same sign, reportedly near the corner of Snelling and University avenues in St. Paul, circulated Sunday on social media. A Facebook post said that sign later was removed.

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Fake street signs warn of ‘easily startled’ police in Twin Cities

At least two orange street signs reading “Warning: Twin Cities police easily startled” were seen in the Twin Cities Sunday.

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