Five Ideal Off-The-Grid Homesteading Destinations in North America

If you’re thinking of going off-grid and developing your own homestead, you can’t just go anywhere.  Here are five places in North America recommended by Blue and Green Tomorrow.

From Blue and Green Tomorrow

These 5 Remote North American Places Are Perfect for Off-the-Grid Sustainable Living

1. Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

The Keweenaw Peninsula is a remote spit of land jutting out into Lake Superior, about as far from Michigan’s big cities as it’s possible to get without leaving the state. Folks up here are self-reliant by necessity. Many are entirely self-sufficient. With a hoop house, a chicken coop, and an ice fishing hut, you can get around the short growing season easily. Known as Copper Country, the Keweenaw has plenty to see and do….

2. Algoma District, Ontario

Head northeast across Lake Superior and you’ll hit Ontario’s Algoma District, which stretches north and west of Sault Ste. Marie along the northern shore of the big lake. There’s plenty of land for sale in this beautiful, rugged slice of Canada’s most populous province — hundreds of miles from Toronto, it bears remarking….

3. Baxter County, Arkansas

Centered on the tidy little community of Mountain Home, Baxter County is an oasis between the rolling peaks of the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains…….

4. Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

Located amid the high peaks of the Cascades, just southwest of Bend, the Deschutes National Forest is beautiful even by Oregon’s high standards. You’ll need to check local regulations to determine where you can buy and what you can build, but there’s plenty of land to set up a hillside cabin here……

5. Rocky Mountain Trench, British Columbia

The Rocky Mountain Trench is a remarkable artifact amid the high peaks of the northern Rockies: a deep, fertile gorge running nearly 1,000 miles from northern Montana to southern Yukon. Views from the valley floor are spectacular: high, perpetually snowcapped peaks flanked by heavily forested hillsides and lush alpine meadows……

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