Florida Teen Gun Grabbers Hurt Ignored BLM Activists

It seems that the Black Lives Matter activists, at least some of them, are not too happy about all the attention the Florida Shooting Teen Tear and Shriek activists are getting.  After all, they’ve been crying out for years now in the hope of facilitating political change with little to show for their efforts.

Ironically, or, closer to the truth, tragically, the Black Lives Matters activists, the ones expressing some degree of hurt, disappointment, or anger at the special treatment being given to the Florida Shooting Teen Tear and Shriek Activists, are making sure to virtue signal their solidarity with the Florida Shooting Teen Tear and Shriek Activists efforts to facilitate police state change throughout the land (see our article here about the Dems efforts to accommodate the shrill cries of ill-informed police state informant wanna-be’s From Florida).

That’s right, even as they push to get people to recognize the corruption of police departments that unfairly target them due to the color of their skin, these Black Lives Matter activists are standing in solidarity with the Florida Shooting Teen Tear and Shriek Activists.

They’re actually hoping that the violent state, with its long history of abuse against millions of blacks from the beginning of this nation’s existence to current day, will gain even more of an advantage in the balance of force power between the governed and the governing.

Here is an excerpt of a story in the Chicago Tribune about the hurt from Black Lives Matters activists, along with their virtue signaling in favor of strengthening the very oppressors they’ve been railing against:

From the Chicago Tribune

As country listens to Florida teens, Black Lives Matter youths feel ignored

It isn’t that they  (BLM Activists) want to take any credit away from the courageous young people in Florida. Indeed, their vigilance in standing up for tighter gun control measures is admirable and welcomed.

…..But shouldn’t we also pay attention when young people express their pain and frustration over the violent killings of unarmed African-American children and adults at the hands of unscrupulous police officers?

In response to Oprah’s tweet, Charlene Carruthers, national director of Black Youth Project 100, one of the groups involved in the protests that sprung out of the 2014 police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., tweeted this:

“I promise y’all. I’m happy for these young people. I just know how so many young people have put their lives on the line over the past five years. We’re rarely compared to Freedom Riders and recipients of such public support. I shouldn’t be bothered, but I am.”

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As you can see, these activists seem to be going out of their way to assure their predominantly white masters that they are on board with the statist progressive agenda of disarming the non-governed so that the progressive state can more aggressively work to redesign, re-engineer a better world for us all, whether we want it or not.

The fact, though, that this infighting is occurring among two groups, the more well-heeled and docile members of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Florida Teen Tear and Shriek activists should give you some comfort that this coalition of police state enthusiasts will find it difficult to remain intact as the various factions clamor to take their place up the hierarchy of victimhood.

Fortunately, though, these particular pets of the progressive state that imagine they are fighting for the rights of blacks do not represent all of the BLM movement, some of whom are actually very pro-gun.  They’re pro-gun for reasons that should be obvious to anyone that knows the racist history of gun control in America, along with the bloody violence it produced.

Just in case you still don’t get why the BLM, if it truly represents the fight for black liberation, should be very pro-gun and very anti-gun, here’s a video on how black communities have been targeted for violence thanks, in large part, to being disempowered through gun control laws.

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