The Fourth Dimension is Ready for Its Closeup

Talk of the fourth dimension has existed for some time.  It’s not a new discussion and scientists have even created a material in the 4th dimension called “Time Crystals” (see below for a video on that).

Two research terms have found a way to “photograph” the fourth dimension, and the whole Universe is talking about it (ok, so maybe just a few eggheads here on earth, but, hyperbole notwithstanding, that’s a LOT of eggheads talking about it, myself included).

US and European scientists ‘photograph’ mysterious FOURTH dimension in shock breakthrough

…..two teams in the US and another in Europe have shown the existence of a fourth spatial dimension.

Mikael Rechtsman from Penn State University said: “Physically, we don’t have a 4D spatial system, but we can access 4D quantum Hall physics using this lower-dimensional system because the higher-dimensional system is coded in the complexity of the structure.

“Maybe we can come up with new physics in the higher dimension and then design devices that take advantage the higher-dimensional physics in lower dimensions.”

In layman’s terms, 3D objects cast 2D shadows, so 4D objects should cast 3D shadows even if the 4D object is imperceivable.

The two teams created two custom-designed, two-dimensional experiments to generate an instance of the quantum Hall effect, which restricts the movement of electrons which allows us both to perceive and measure them.

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Here’s a video highlighting a new matter scientists have created in this 4th dimension, Time Crystals:

Here’s a further explanation of what the fourth dimension is from Bro Alchemist

4th Dimension

First, it’s impossible for it to exist, as it is impossible for a square to be inside a line or a cube to be inside a square. But using the previous logic, we would be able to try imagining it. We can try to comprehend it by replicating how we progressed from the first to the third dimension.

We built the second dimension by placing lines beside each other. We build the third dimension by placing the square/2d on top of each other. But we don’t have a word to describe where do we put cube/3d. It’s not beside or above or below. Let’s call it ‘J’. Now we place the cubes J with each other. That’s the fourth dimension.

If we exist in a fourth dimension, we should be able to see in 3d. Don’t even try to imagine as it will hurt your brain. Another interesting thing is if you are on the fourth dimension you can leave the 3d universe but still observe and interact with it. If God does exist, or ghosts, they should be in the fourth dimension.

Good luck in trying to perceive it with your 2d sight

Last thing, I think if you can travel to the ‘J’ direction or the fourth dimension, it is possible to move between parallel universes.

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