Fox Unveils Man v Robot Show

Get ready kids, gather round the warm crackle of your TV screen to take in the downfall of man and the rise of the machines.

Well, for those that fear the rise of AI and robots, that’s how they’d view the news that Fox is about to unleash in a show called Man v Robot, which will feature humans doing battle with giant AI-controlled robots.

I for one, as I’ve said before, welcome my robot overlords.  I also welcome the joy and the lulz that is sure to follow as humans battle for supremacy against giant robots.  Yeah, giant robots.  Who doesn’t love that?


Fox to kick off the human-robot war with a new AI-based game show

According to Deadline, Fox has made a pilot for a game show called Man Vs Robot, which comes from British production company Tuesday’s Child and will center on families competing against robots in a “battle for supremacy.” It’s all a bit unclear from Deadline’s story, but it sounds like this battle for supremacy will involve the humans trying to beat human-sized robots in games of some kind, with Tuesday’s Child head Karen Smith naming Pong as a possibly hypothetical example of what one of these challenges could be.

Smith also casually says that “people are a little bit scared” of this concept, which seems like an outrageous understatement. We try not to overemphasize the threat of a robot apocalypse here at The A.V. Club, but we see two outcomes here: The robots beat the humans in Fox’s game show, causing them to realize that they’re better than humans and should kill us all, or the robots lose to the humans and are so frustrated by this that they throw robot tantrums by killing their competitors and then all humans.

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