French Pro-Palestinian Group’s Paypal Account Terminated

Paypal’s recent move to shut down the account of a pro-Palestianian “solidarity group” has the company under fire.  The accounts were shut down because, according to Paypal, the nature of the group’s activities.  But no specific explanation was given by Paypal as to what those questionable activities were.
The shutdown highlights the need to have multiple sources of receiving and sending funds given the predilection of platforms to terminate accounts that might not fit with the platform’s ‘preferences,’

PayPal freezes out Palestine activists in France

PayPal, already facing pressure for its refusal to provide services to Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation, appears to be going a step further in its anti-Palestinian efforts.

Last week it abruptly shut down the account of a major Palestine solidarity group in France without providing an explanation.

In taking this action, the global payment and money transfer firm appears to be caving in to pressure from Israel and its lobby groups.

Association France Palestine Solidarité said in a statement on Saturday that it had just been informed of the “unexpected blocking” of its PayPal account, adding that several pro-Israeli websites had been crowing about the news.

AFPS said that on 26 January it received “a very succinct email from PayPal informing us of the closure of our account ‘because of the nature of our activities.’”

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