Fried Fish Comes Alive, Becoming Tasty Zombie Fish

Would you eat a dead fish that had been fried but then came back alive?  To put it another way, because yeah, that’s what we do, would you eat a Zombie fish?  There is a video of fish being fried before diners at a Chinese restaurant.  The fish then appears to come alive.  You don’t see the diners’ reactions, but you hear a woman who, judging from her tone (I don’t speak Chinese, so that’s all I got) seems to be, let’s say, animated, just like the zombie fish was animated.

Is it a zombie fish? This viral video of a cooked fish rising from the dead may horrify you

A strange video of a cooked fish coming back to life is making rounds of the internet.

Taking to China’s most popular micro blogging site Weibo, a user named Yu Yu Yu posted the horrific video in December 2017.

It shows a deep-fried fish starting to twitch all of a sudden when served to diners. It was seen moving as three other fried fishes lay next to it.

In the video, which was said to be taken in Hengyang in the Hunan province of southern China, a woman is heard saying in the local language: “Oh no, no, no! It’s cracking!”

Many Weibo users said it was “too cruel” to fry a fish while it was still alive.

One user hadisi_4568 asked: “Don’t they think that’s horrifying? Why can’t they kill the fish before frying it?”

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