From LARP to Kill, the Devolving Science of Dehumanization

As much as I believe “Western Civilization is the be-all-end-all of Liberty and it pretty much invented that shit” the myth is just that, a myth, I do NOT blindly assign “White Nationalist” to someone who talks about preserving the great bastion of liberty, western civilization.
Most of these folks are, at worst, xenophobes, not racists. They have no problem with anyone of any race so long as they are ‘citizens’ and they follow ‘traditional’ western traditions.
SOME (a small minority) believe that Western Civilization is LARGELY, but not completely, created by the ‘white race.’
Most of these folks are fine with Western Civilization becoming multi-ethnic, they just believe Western Civilization was largely created by the white race.
Within this group are the actual racists, the ones who use the term Western Civilization as buzzwords to their white supremacist friends.
The disturbing thing, for me, is that (I believe) the tactics, even some of the underlying assumptions of the ‘alt right’ have become a natural part of the defend western civilization narrative, which, I believe, even if unintended, of course is going to breed ACTUAL racism.
The problem for people choosing what to do is they have no viable alternative to the tyranny being inflicted on them by the side that defends the influx of immigrants, that defends “open borders.”
In a way, it’s just like the political reality of the black community. They have two choices, republicans who have no hope or answers for people right now in the ghettos (they tend to focus on longterm change through ‘free market’ solutions), or democrats who are happy to keep the trough filled, while also keeping in place the conditions that continue to hamper these communities’ abilities to be prosperous, sustaining, secure.
Thanks to the overwhelming political control of these inner cites by one party, the Democratic Party, corruption is heavy and thick, with the Democrats serving the role of the House Slave who managed the slaves, but got a little extra cheese and a softer bed in exchange.
So these folks that are now turning to Western Civilization, with, unfortunately, many beginning the road towards embracing your inner racist, are faced with two choices (both are false, but they really don’t know this)-
Face total second or third class citizenship, becoming part of a group that is assumed to be racist, assumed to be privileged, assumed to be a thief that owes everyone else the booty they stole just by being white, or becoming part of a force that fights back and defends what might start off as western civilization and end with something much, much darker.
So let’s just ignore these folks and continue to call them racist. Let’s spit on them. Let’s just assume they’re already Nazis if they wear a Maga hat, and then we punch them.
And then the MAGAs get pissed, and that violence fuels more boogeymen for the western civ crowd to rally round, helping them to dehumanize more of us, in the same way we are already demonizing them.
All the while- you are all fighting ghosts, spooks, fairy tales, fake rage, fake battles, fake everything.
While the pawns LARP and later, perhaps, kill, the people funding these rages, be they right or left ragers, they’re all having dinner together, amused at the prattle of their cattle, you…and me.

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