Furry Boi the Squirrel is Your Next Student Body Senator at Berkeley

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Costumed Squirrel ‘Furry Boi’ Wins Election For Berkeley Student Senate

Thirty-seven candidates ran for 20 student spots in this month’s election to the Associated Students of the University of California, including “Furry Boi.” His so-called human proxy is sophomore Stephen Boyle, who wore a squirrel costume to campaign as Furry Boi.

The student senate can affect critical university issues, such as tuition hikes and sexual harassment policies.

Furry Boi’s candidacy was announced on Facebook last month. The post said the squirrel had been conceived in the campus eucalyptus grove and hoped to “represent the squirrel community in the UC Berkeley political sphere.”

Furry Boi’s “platform” included more access to acorns, creating a squirrel sidekick mascot named Nutty McNut Nut for increased biodiversity, encouraging “safe spaces” for students and squirrels, and launching the Amicable Student Society, or ASS, to “bridge the culture gap between humans and squirrels.” Furry Boi also said he hoped to create squirrel “cuisine stations” in all dining halls and make lecture halls “squirrel accessible.” His most popular hashtags were #I’mWithFur and #WhyNut.

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