Gab Gets Targeted by Neo-Liberal Domain Registrar Asia Regsitry for “Hate Speech” Violations

As some predicted would happen as far back as a year ago, domain registrars are getting in on the act of attempting to regulate speech.  Folks, if you’ve never heard of neo-liberalism, you should look it up.  Neo-liberalism is a relatively new tactic from the progressive thought police that aims to use corporate power to enforce the speech and morality codes the progressives deem worthy of enforcement.  In the crosshairs this time is the free speech champion, gab.  But, progressives, the news is not for you in the long run, because the tactics you use today will push free-thinking people to more rapidly develop free-speech alternatives to the progressive corporations, including free-speech-friendly domain registrars.


Alternative media social network, whose logo is a frog often used by the “alt right,” faces domain seizure for failing to remove content that vilifies “race, religion or ethnic origin.” Their registrar further implied that the site promotes hate and discrimination.

Gab’s domain registrar, Asia Registry, has given the network 5 days to transfer its domain or it will be seized according to a notice sent to the company, Andrew Torbha Gab’s CEO tweeted out.

BREAKING: Gab’s domain registrar has given us 5 days to transfer our domain or they will seize it. The free and open web is in danger.

This comes after Gab was contacted by its registrar to take down a post by the founder of the neo-Nazi site, Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin.

The post by Anglin grotesquely mocked Charlottesville murder victim Heather Heyer, which Asia Registry told Torbha violated their abuse policy.

Torbha noted in a Medium post that Gab previously has enforced its own guidelines and that the post did violate its own policy and was indeed obscene.

“This is not the first time we have enforced our guidelines. Gab has banned users for spamming, making death threats to the President, posting revenge porn, and doxing among others. We’ve been transparent and incredibly fair about this on many occasions,” Torbha wrote.

Torbha, who I personally interviewed before Gab’s start last year for We Are Change, expressed on Twitter that “The free and open web is in danger.”


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