Gillette- The Worse a Person Can Get- On All Sides

How the response to the Gillette Ad says FAR MORE about the state of our “union” than anything the ad could possibly have said by itself.

I don’t think the pitched reactions to the Gillette commercial on all the different facets of the ‘conversation’ that sprouted up around it reflect anything substantive about most of the people who are reacting, save for the increasing micro-investigating of everyone’s thoughts and beliefs, and the declarations of death to the infidel, are creating a panic-lead-fear-based culture, one which, due to my strange health circumstances alone, is literally toxic to my body.

This whole affair has put me in a bit of an existential
crisis regarding my hope to see “anarchies” emerge.  It also really convicts me I am on the right
path trying to build something that, as much as possible, won’t piss people
off, but will still offer non-preachy, non-judgmental, non-condemning PATHWAYS
to self and association sustainability outside the entanglements of
coercive-driven, enforcing, supporting, enabling institutions.

But….I also think, as much as this drama crap sucks and
the divisions that are happening suck,  I
suspect it’s “necessary,” or, at the very least, a natural emergent
reality from stories that have been unfolding for millennia (or some combination

I just hope we can all forgive one another after we get
through this perhaps necessary scab ripping (if I’m right about what’s going

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